What Is Satta Statistics And How To Calculate It.

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Satta Statistics

Satta king statistics will help you improve your game play, explore weaknesses and get a clear benchmark. In this article we will tell you how you can improve your game.

The Importance of Statistics

If you play satta for fun, only then Statistics is not required. But even in case, keep a record of winnings and lossing. This is necessary to know. If your main stream earning is from satta than good result requires strict statistical reporting.

Follow these rules and principles.

  • Game strategy. Team statistics, sports events, and odds analysis – only a systematic approach will ensure profits over a long distance.
  • Financial management. money is not a joke. so you have to think how much money you have to invest in game.
  • Strict consideration of each bet. Record each and every bet Do not miss.
  • Financial reporting The most important thing for financial reporting is how much you have won or lost from each bet. But it is necessary to record dates, names of tournaments, events, playing teams or athletes, type of bets, odds, indicators of exact accounts and so on. This will allow you to periodically analyze, draw conclusions, adjust the game and financial strategy.
  • Personal statistics of sports betting begins with the analysis of the basic concepts: break-even point, ROI, YIELD.

Break-even point in sports betting.

The basic parameter for the new player is the break-even point. This parameter is a necessary percentage of winning bets to get to zero with a certain average betting odds.

Calculate the break-even point by formula:

T = 100 / K, where K is the average odds.

For example, to get to zero at an average odds of 4.00, it is necessary to win 25% of the bets.

In this case, there can be no significant deviations from the average odd. If you win the bet with the quotes of 1.50, and lose with higher odds, you will not be able to get to zero. The calculation of the break-even point is important when determining a satta strategy. Your goal is the percentage of winning bets.

ROI in sports betting: what is it and how to calculate it.

ROI – stands for “return on investment” The rate of return on investment is the most important indicator if you treat betting as a business and rates should be profitable.

Find an ROI by formula:

ROI = (P / B) x 100%, where P is net profit or loss, B is the starting bank.

For example, you added 20,000 to your game account and made 200 bets of 100 . Let’s say that your net profit was 1200 .

ROI = (1200 / 20 000) x 100% = 6%.

But the result is not necessarily positive. You or another player may not win, but lose the same . Then in the calculations we make a negative number and as a result we get ROI = -6%.

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