What are the draw poker tournaments?

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What are the draw poker tournaments

Draw poker is, frankly, not quite a tournament type of poker , since the very structure of the game, and the fact that it is mainly played with antes, does not speak in favor of holding tournaments in this type of poker.

Most often , poker tournaments with an exchange are held on such a variety of this game as “Lowball from two to seven”, in particular, not so long ago, such a tournament was included in the schedule of one of the most famous championships in online poker – WCOOP in the most famous online poker room Poker Stars .

In general, I have noticed for a long time that many poker professionals are now showing the opposite trend. At first, everyone switched from Texas Hold’em to Omaha , and after Omaha more or less entered the masses, they began to switch to more rare games, which included draw poker .

By the way, some poker rooms , including the already mentioned Poker Stars, as well as Carbon Poker, hold tournaments not only in lowball and five-card draw poker (the most common types of draw poker), but also in badugi – the Asian version of draw poker.

In general, if someone says that it becomes more and more difficult to win in hold’em every year, then draw poker in this regard is still an unexplored area, where sometimes there are complete fish on which you can earn , but the rules and course of the game are nothing no harder than the established community card games . Be sure to try it yourself!


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