Poker Strategy And Tactics.

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Poker Strategy And Tactics.

Even in the simplest game, you can develop a certain set of techniques and tricks that will allow the player to win more often than those opponents who have neglected this opportunity. Poker is no exception, and despite the seeming simplicity of the rules, it has a huge scope for creating, developing and improving the strategy and tactics of the game.

How well thought out your poker strategy is and how exactly you know how to follow it will determine your success in the game, and therefore the level of income that you can receive from it.

Since poker is primarily a game for real money, the more successful players who spent more time and effort on working out their game strategy, as a result, receive much more rewards at a distance, and those who did not try to understand the various intricacies of poker will lose to them …

Basic poker strategy.

Basic poker strategy skills include understanding poker terms , basic poker techniques pre-flop and post-flop, as well as basic poker probabilities and mathematics. It will also not be superfluous to pay attention to the issues of the psychology of the game, as well as the development of discipline skills, which will greatly help you in the future.

Approach basic poker strategy consistently and take your time. It is much more profitable to work out each separate topic with high quality, until you fully understand its essence. Building a solid foundation will keep you from coming back to these questions in the future and you will be able to master much more complex game concepts.

Online poker strategies and tactics.

In online poker, there are many different approaches to the game, which eventually gave rise to different strategies and tactics of the game, which differed from each other, both in the size of the used stack, and in the approach to the choice of starting hands and the degree of aggressiveness of their playing.

The most popular options today are:

  • Tight aggressive playing style
  • Loosely aggressive playstyle
  • It is they that allow the player to exploit the weaknesses of opponents as efficiently as possible, while not being too much substituted for reciprocal techniques.

According to the size of the used stack, there are the following tactics of the game:

  1. Large stack strategy or BSS for short (initial stack 100 BB or more)
  2. Medium stack strategy or MCC for short (from 35 to 55 BB);
  3. Short stack strategy or CCC for short. (from 15 to 25 BB).
  4. However, online poker rooms do not always allow a player to use a landing at a table with an incomplete stack of less than 100 BB, so the most popular today is the first tactic, which, if used correctly, allows you to play various types of starting hands as efficiently as possible and exploit the weaknesses of your opponents.

Cash poker strategy.

Playing at cash tables is characterized by a constant stack size and no time limits, and therefore attracts many different players, from those who just want to while away an hour or two playing poker to grinders trying to play as many tables as possible.

Since you yourself can choose the size of the stack within the limits available on the table and you can always buy more in case of loss or loss of part of the stack, this has the most direct impact on the strategy of the game that can be used at the cash table. This allows:

Choose the most convenient time for you to play;

  • Play a pre-planned range of starting hands for different situations;
  • Avoid situations that are unfavorable for you already preflop;
  • Play only against those opponents you want to play against;
  • The strategy of playing cash, on the one hand, allows the player to control the actions at literally every stage of trading, without relying once again on luck, but on the other hand, it also requires much more preparation. It is the cash game that most of the materials on this page are devoted to, and you are guaranteed to be able to find the information you need on all poker tactics or stages of the game strategy.

Tournament poker strategy.

The game of tournament poker has its own specifics and therefore requires a different approach and a noticeably different game strategy. Unlike cash tables, when playing a tournament, you will always be pressured by the factor of time and limited stack, which will go down and down as the blinds grow.

The most distinctive factors of tournament strategy are:

  • The need to play with different stack sizes. You can even start with a stack of 250+ BB, however, it will gradually decrease due to the increase in the level of the blinds and as a result you will have to switch to MCC, and then CCC game tactics;
  • Unlike in cash, in tournaments, as a result, a situation may arise when you have to play literally with any 2 cards and it will be more profitable than just folding them;
  • You and your opponents will be heavily pressured by the prize money zone and the bubble factor, which imposes increased demands on discipline and psychological stability. In addition, the variance itself in tournament poker is much more pronounced than in cash games;
  • Tournaments take place at a certain time and the player cannot just sit down and start playing or leave the table when he pleases.

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