Poker lessons: Practice is the key to success.

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Poker lessons: Practice is the key to success

I am here to talk about the mathematical theory of winning expectations . It is interesting enough that if you learn to put it into practice, it will invariably lead you to win. I’ll also explain to you why it’s less important to win every game than to maintain a positive trend throughout the game. You will learn that the path to success can be accurately calculated, and you will understand that it is not that difficult.

If you play poker not only for fun, but also want to make money on it, then treat it responsibly. Remember, this is a business. This realization will be your first step towards success. Start playing in a good mood and be confident. If you cannot fully immerse yourself in the game and enjoy it, then you will not see good luck. Also, don’t chase every bank. What matters is not a single round, but the final outcome of the game.

There is a so-called theory of mathematical expectation of payoff. It helps you estimate how much money you can win or lose with a particular bet. For example, if two people participate in the game and for each attempt the same amount of money is bet, for example, in a dollar, then the chances of winning are one to one. Even if your opponent is constantly winning at first, in the case of a long game the situation will level out and the winnings will be approximately the same. But if the second player bets two dollars, and your bet is still equal to one, then the mathematical expectation for you will be positive. Each batch will generate 50 cents of profit. After all, if you lose one game and win the second one, then your profit is $ 1 for 2 games.

Let’s figure out how to put the knowledge you just gained into practice. For example, there is a thousand dollars in the bank, and your opponent has just added another two hundred there. You also bet two hundred, since you need to see the fifth card. So, this rate is mathematically correct. The chance of winning is 1 to 6. Even if you lose eight times and lose a total of 1,600 dollars, only two victories will bring you 2,400, and therefore, you will not only get yours back, but also earn eight hundred dollers. With this example, it becomes clear that what is important is not a victory in any round, but the course of the game as a whole.

I would like to note that players with good experience behind them play only if there is a positive mathematical expectation of the bet. And then, when it becomes negative, they fold.

It is important not only to play, but also to constantly analyze your actions. Only in this way will you be able to develop your own style of play, acquire equipment and play, guided by reason and accurate calculation, and not by surging emotions.


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