A Deck Of Cards In An Exchange Poker Game.

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A Deck Of Cards In An Exchange Poker Game.

When playing draw poker or poker with an exchange, the following decks of cards are used: a full deck with 54 cards (two jokers), 52 cards (without jokers), 36 cards (a deck familiar to everyone, where cards start with a six).

During the game, each participant must collect the best combination by exchanging a certain number of cards. But sometimes it happens that the deck ends before the winner is determined, that is, it sometimes takes more than 52 cards to play draw poker .

In this case, cards that have already left the game: not dealt or discarded by other players are reshuffled, forming a new deck, and new ones are dealt. This procedure can be repeated several times in one distribution.

However, the game cannot be played by cards that have been discarded by the players in the game. That is, only those discarded by participants who have already left the game are taken into account. So, for example, playing poker with an exchange , you can be absolutely sure that you will not come across a card that you have previously discarded.

After all substitutions have been made, the participants remaining in the game open their hole cards and the winner is determined.

It is worth noting that the rules for playing with “cut” decks do not differ from the rules for playing with a full deck. For example, if you play with jokers, then they can act as a wild card (more often in a casino), then in the absence of the required card in the combination, but the presence of the joker, you will still collect the combination, since the joker can replace any missing card.


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